Freedom Liberty Network Host Roi Richards

Meet Roi

Herb Roi Richards Freedom Liberty NetworkMy name is Herb “Roi” Richards and I have been a lifelong seeker of truth and knowledge. As an avid seeker of truth, I (just like my contemporaries) came to a point of realization that things are not as they seem.

If we believe the cover stories, if we could possibly hold onto the thought patterns and fables of our youth for very long, it would take nearly a miracle for an intelligent investigative person not to begin to question what we have been told to believe. If all has gone as planned, we will adhere to our socialized programming, and at the first thought of questioning the norm, our fellow Americans will be quick to correct our off-center thinking in an effort to quickly real us back into the fold of national conformity.

Have you ever had a truly original thought that bucked the ideals of national conformists? If so, did you ever speak the thought aloud to someone that you knew would have your best interests at heart? Weren’t you surprised (the first time) when they reacted like you had a screw loose? … And they probably warned you never to speak those words again in fear of what might happen to you.

This is the structured space in which we live and navigate throughout our lives.

But for those of us prone to curiosity or an unquenchable desire to uncover the truth of, “what is,” we continue to dig, asking the unspeakable questions and unearthing the facts that the powers that be would rather not be known by the general public.

This data is highly guarded by a the privileged few who are charged with keeping society at bay while what we see, hear, think and do is carefully scripted by the powers that be.

In an effort to collect the data and share it with others, my associates and I have developed a system to disseminate this sensitive data to the people who desire to have access to it and are in a position to put it to good use; in their lives and in the lives of others.

We have decided not to filter the information that covers all phases of life – not only in America, but also – throughout our entire planet, affecting all areas including health, wellness, personal, interpersonal, familial, business, spiritual, legal, political, paranormal, psychological, scientific, and so much more.

WARNING: What you will find in the members’ area may be shocking. You may discover that you as an individual have much more ability and power to affect not only the intimate details of your life, your professional demeanor and earning capacity, but to be able to change the world, making it a better place for all God’s creation.

We’ve developed this network so that you can participate by supporting in two different ways.

1 – FREE – entitling you to be able to help grow our network by spreading the word, and you are paid a commission for everyone that signs up for the second means of activity and support.

2 – Paid Membership – Monthly recurring members receive access to the bulk of the data as it becomes available, other benefits and also enjoy an impressive compensation plan for encouraging others to join.

Who should join?

Any red-blooded American who feels as though things are not adding up, like you’ve been programmed to believe and anyone else who wants to enjoy a better life; all the good things this life has to offer the people who know how to get more of what they want by having access to this sensitive information.

If you’re like me you may have asked;

What kind of freedom and liberty is really available in America to most people?

What restrictions are we told to apply to those freedoms?

If they are restricted without us doing anyone harm, do we truly have those freedoms?

Did you know that special definitions apply to ordinary words to mislead us about the meaning of many laws and codes?

The Freedom Liberty Network is dedicated to teaching you to navigate safely through the vast jungle of misinformation and with this uniquely valuable compendium you will approach a clearing, where you will find truth.

Enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from harnessing the truth, the knowledge from which will set you truly free.

See you inside the vault,

Herb “Roi” Richards